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Championing new Bands and Singers

Championing new Bands and Singers

I enjoy music and Championing new Bands and Singers. people in my age group who would never listen to anything but The Rolling Stone, Hawkwind or anything from that time. For a long time now I have felt I needed to be championing new bands and singers to my peers.

In the last 10 years, my love of music has had a rebirth and I have heard and seen some incredible new bands. I often wonder why as music lovers we can become stuck in one genre, time or artist when there is some much great music about.

I have been a music lover since around 1972 prior to that music didn’t grab my interest. It was the music of David Bowie that awakened my love for music at a local school disco. 

Even now I remember hearing  Starman for the first time and thinking “I love it!” From that day on I became a Bowie fan, not just Bowie but Marc Bolan and T-Rex, Roxy Music and other bands of that time.

My love of music has been consistent throughout the years. I could never stay in a time warp or era,  my taste in music changed and developed with new music and new bands that came out.

There was a period between the mid-’80s to the mid-’90s in which  I stopped listening to music and that was because I was caught up in the conservative Christian idea that pop/rock music was of the Devil.

Although I was never truly convinced of this, not wanting to cause offence to other Christian people I stopped listening but never lost my love of music.

Please note that you can view any of these songs on YouTube by clicking on the song titles underlined in this blog. Why? because I want to share the new music I have been listening to.

Christine and the Queens

One of the new singers I have really enjoyed listening to is Christine and the Queens who are a French band.

Another beautiful track is ‘Half Ladies‘ which deserves a listen (though it is in French). In fact, if you were to buy the album you will not be disappointed if you like Tilted and Half Ladies.
My fiancée and I often play this album when we are going on a car journey.

The recent single they had out is called ‘Tilted‘ which is minimal low-key electronic music with a catchy chorus, which once gets into your head will have you singing it without you realising it.
Their album’s title is ‘Chaleur Humaine’, translated as ‘Human Warmth.

Championing new Bands and Singers
Christine and the Queens

21 Pilots

21 Pilots are an American duo, their music is a very mixed bag. The track that caught my attention was ‘Stressed Out‘ The track starts with here is a reggae backbeat with rapping over the top, I am not a rap fan but I love this song. it does go into an indie rock at times.

There is a lot of humour in this song. Click on the song title to view it on YouTube. Another song from their album ‘Blurryface’ I love is ‘Ride‘  which is another white reggae song.

They know how to write a hook, there is so much to love about this album and is worth giving a listen. If you are not as keen as me on reggae beats give ‘We don’t believe what is on TV‘ . If you are 16 or 60 (and beyond) there is plenty on this album to enjoy.

Blurryface Album

Walking on cars

Walking on cars sounds a bit like a track off a Snow Patrol album and I am sure that they will be compared to them but Walking on cars are a very talented group of singers, musicians and songwriters.
I recently discovered Walking On Cars by surfing YouTube, which I often do to find new music and bands.
They have an Album out called ‘Everything This Way’ which I got for Christmas 2016 from my daughter.

The track that really caught my attention was ‘Speeding cars‘ The track beings with a mellow-sounding piano and the singer.

 Patrick Sheehy, comes in after a few bars with a haunting solo in which he sings “So if I stand in front of a speeding car, Would you tell me who you are, what you like? What’s on your mind, if I’d get it right.” A few bars later and you will hear a very Irish-influenced drum coming in and carrying the song forward.

There are a lot of brilliant drumming and chilling guitar chords throughout this song. Speaking of piano give ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ a listen.
The song starts once again with a beautiful piano intro and then vocals come that are reminiscent of Snow Patrol.

I am trying to avoid the comparison as they are both very different bands and both deserve to be appreciated for their individual work and talent.
There are 12 beautiful songs on this album and I think Walking On Cars are going to become massive over the next couple of years.

Everything My Way Album

So much more

There are so many more bands and singers I could rave about that I have discovered over the last few years. Music and Musicianship did not end in the ’70s, 80’s, 90’s or 00’s.
Music did not die out when I consider one of the greats music artists, David Bowie, died.
Great music will continue to be made and listened to.
We all don’t have the same taste in music and some of us have a wide taste in music.
I would challenge anyone to give new music a try and don’t close your mind to anything, if anyone does then they stagnate.

I am not ashamed to say my happy CD is Bangarang by Skrillex, it always puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance. Currently, I am listening to the Two Door Cinema Club’s album ‘GameShow’ and enjoying the track ‘Are We Ready (wreck)‘ 

championing new bands and singers
Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

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  1. Some great recommendations. Interestingly my favourite listens over the past twelve months link with death and loss; Blackstar by David Bowie and the brilliant Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave, that was influenced by the death of his son. Although both albums are dark, they both offer hope in some way. Find comfort in both of them. New bands for me at the moment include Boxer Rebellion, Iamthemorning, North Atlantic Oscillation and Nordic Giants. Music is always the soundtrack to my journey.

    • Thanks for the comments Paul. Same for me, music have been land marks in my life too. I will certainly look at some of the artists you have mention. Terry

  2. This is really good, I will give some of these recommendations a try

  3. What a great blog, I write this with Waking on Car playing, what a find. Of those recommend, this was more to my what some frenetic music tastes . Which has been jumping from bands of my youth (late 70’s University) the like Dobbie Brothers, Man and Genesis up The Lies Down on Broadway, after these Peter Gabriel left and it become more pop band. I move on to be a massive fun of Snow Patrol, also check out Vega4 as well.

    If like strong male vocals worth checking Alex Lloyd, two tracks which show his breath are Drugs and Love from Good in the face of s Stranger to Good Thing from Urban Wilderness –

    To add to your worth are IKO and you may heard tracks from USA TV shows

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