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It’s a Govee Kind of Love – 5 Stars

It’s a Govee kind of love for me. This Christmas I had a present that is meant to improve and enhance my tv watching, especially watching movies on TV. My partner bought me the Govee Immersion TV backlight.

Govee Immersion Back Light
Govee Immersion Backlight

Who is Govee and what do the make?

Govee is a company that makes LED lights for inside your home and outside. They make LED lights that can be fitted under your shelving to enhance the look of your kitchen or living room. Govee also makes lights that can be put on the inside of your car to give that Tron makeover to your vehicle, creating an aurora borealis at your feet or dashboard.

Govee also makes floor lamps and bulbs that can be controlled by the Govee Home app on an IOS or Android smartphone or Tablet. You can also control the lights using Google Home, Mini and Alexa.

Ambient backlights have been around for a little while. I noticed a couple of years ago when I was looking to buy a new TV that Philipps had brought out an Ambilight TV which has the LED’s built into the back of the TV. I didn’t go for one of those as at the time I thought it was a useless gimmick and would distract from the TV.

Govee Immersion Wifi TV Backlights Review

Just before Christmas, I was looking at them on YouTube to see what they are and what they do. I was surprised by the information that was out there and also that there were a number of companies that were making ambient backlights for TV. The reason I chose Govee was that they were cheaper (though great quality) and the only hardware that you needed was a camera that goes on the top or the bottom of the TV.

Other companies ambient backlights seemed to be very expensive and that there was very expensive hardware that you had to purchase and also you need a spare HDMI port. If you have a DVD player, a Sky or a Virgin Media box plus a game console then you have probably already used up all your HDMI ports.

Govee Immersion WIFI TV Backlights

As the title suggests Govee Immersion backlights are able to be controlled by connecting to your wifi and Bluetooth smart devices. so that you can say “OK Google turn on Govee” or “Alexa turn on Govee” you have an option in the Google Home app or Alexa app to call you Govee Immersion backlights whatever you wish.

What is the Box

As you would imagine the box contains all you need to mount the Govee Immersion Backlights to your TV.

The backlights come packed nicely in the box. the LED lights are in a protective package to stop any damage from water, static electricity and dirt. also in the box, you get the camera that attaches to the top or bottom of your TV with 3M sticky pads. Also in the pack in the power cable, this needs to be plugged into a socket as it isn’t powered by a USB slot, so ensure before purchasing that you have a socket nearby.

The Govee Immersion backlight kit I purchased is for a 55 inch to a 65 inch TV and it fitted just comfortably without an overhang on the TV. Should also mention the controller that connects the camera and backlights together. It is recommended that this is stuck to the middle of the TV at the back.

Before sticking anything to the back of the TV wipe the back down with the alcohol wipes that are included in the pack. this is to ensure that the backlights have a clean surface to stick to.

Fitting the Govee Backlights to the TV

Fitting the backlights were a little harder for me as my TV is mounted on the wall and I didn’t want to take it down to fit the backlights. The solution was to get another person to help, or should I say I helped him. My partner’s son was available to help me which was fantastic.

LED Back 1

Don’t worry if you don’t have someone to help you it is possible to do it alone and it will be even easier if you don’t have a wall-mounted TV. The lights have a sticky backing that adheres to the clean surface of the TV nicely. If you do put it in the wrong place you can peel it off at least once to correct it.

In the picture, you will notice that there as some loops that have been stuck down to the TV. The excess wire is there to allow it to fit a 65 inch TV. You can loop them and stick them to the back of the TV with the adhesive clips provided in the box and is a normal thing to do.

Before starting to place the backlights on the TV I would suggest that you watch a couple of videos on Youtube that might help. The video I watched was by Geeky Stuff and the video is called Govee Immersion Installation & Setup – Best TV Backlight

After about 20 minutes we had installed the Govee Immersion backlight and I was then ready to configure the lights by the Govee Home App, which to be honest took me a little longer than 20 minutes.

Configuring the lights

Configuring the lights in the app

As soon as I powered up the backlights I got a lovely glow, not just in my heart but also behind the TV. My next job was to configure the camera so that it could see the whole of the screen. again if you get stuck with that there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube.

next, I had to tell the app how I had put the lights on! The question the app was asking me was whether I had put the backlights on clockwise or anticlockwise. I have course thought it was put on clockwise. I then started looking at the light test on Youtube to check it out and saw that colours on the right side of the TV screen were showing on the left-hand side of the TV on the wall.

I went on to the Govee Home app and went through the calibration once again and this time I selected anticlockwise in the app, saved the option and exited the app. Once I had changed it everything was as it should be and I was one happy man.

The Joy of Govee Immersion Backlights

The joy, or the enjoyment that I got from a job well done and seeing the Govee backlights working in sync with the TV was so satisfying.

Before settling down with a movie or TV program I wanted to test it out so again I went on YouTube and searched for Ambient TV lights test and I found some fantastic videos that show off how the camera and backlights work in sync.

I will say the colours are not replicated perfectly and it takes a millisecond for the colours to display but for me it was perfect.

Here are a few stills of the videos I watch to check the colours on the screen and backlights

The first program we watched with the Govee Immersion Backlights was Hawkeye on Disney+


As I said at the beginning there are a few options when choosing ambient backlights for your TV. and there are some that are just lights and others that change colour with your TV screen. I would suggest that you do your research before buying. For me Govee hit the sweet spot and I am very happy with my experience so far. I would give this experience five stars.

Have you used Govee Immersion TV backlights? What are your thoughts? I would be interested to know. Have you used any other brand of Ambient lights by Philipps or Lytmi? What was your experience and would you change them if you could? Let me know in the comments.

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