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Panasonic Mini Hifi System – Review 2022

Panasonic Mini Hifi System SC-PMX802

Mini HiFi System
Panasonic Mini HiFi System SC-PMX802

I recently purchased the Panasonic SC-PMX802 Mini HiFi System from our local electrical store, I am glad I did it had nearly all the features I was looking for and the sound is brilliant. The reason for buying this so soon after Christmas 2021 was because the Sandstrom Mini HiFi system I owned previously developed a fault with the CD player. 

I know that not many people buy or play CD’s now because of the number of streaming services that are available, but we still have CD’s and enjoy playing them as sometimes the quality of a CD is better than some streaming services. I will be posting a review on streaming services soon.

Researching the options for buying a Mini Hifi System

As with anything I purchase I always check the options first. I looked that the prices of the different Mini HiFi systems to see what the prices difference was compared to the quality and brand of the system.

I, of course, purchased the Panasonic SC-PMX802 but I also looked at the Denon CEOL N-10 which had similar specs as the Panasonic SC-PMX802 but it lacked DAB and DAB+ with just an FM/AM radio and no Hi-Res Audio but does have Internet Radio, which for me was a no go.

 When I do my research, I go to places like What HiFi and Which Magazine on this occasion. I also looked at reviews on YouTube and reviews websites.

At the end of the day, it is my decision on what I purchased as sometimes looking at reviews can be confusing. If you look at the Amazon reviews on their product there is a wide mixture of views and peoples experiences on various products.

What was I looking for in a Mini Hifi System?

When doing my research, I did ask what I am looking for in a new Hifi System as technology moves on at a quick pace, especially in entertainment products. So, I listed the basics I was looking for in a Mini HiFi system and also set a budget that I would not go beyond. In this case, I set a budget of £600, which is around $820 at the time of writing.

Top of Mini HiFi System

So on my wish list for a new Mini HiFi system was: a DAB and DAB+ Radio, Internet Radio, CD player. Chrome Casting, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth. The Panasonic SC-PMX802 Mini HiFi System met most of the criteria around price and my wish list

I am not what is called an Audiophile, which is someone who is passionate about the quality of sound, for me, if something sounds good to my ears then I am happy with that and the sound quality of the Panasonic SC-PMX802 Mini HiFi System sounds perfect to me with its Hi-Res Audio 

Panasonic Mini HiFi System Specifications

The sound output is also known as power output is 60 watts per channel or per speaker which is the equivalent of 120 watts RMS. RMS means that the Mini HiFi System can sustain 120 watts without a drop in sound and quality. This output fills the living room nicely. When choosing a Mini HiFi System it is important to work out how powerful you need to be. You want it powerful enough to be able to fill the room with music if you want it to without it distorting or sounding tinny.

Specifications of the Speakers

Panasonic Speaker

There are three speakers built into each cabinet. There is a tweeter for the high notes like when you listen to a hi-hat on a drum kit. A Woofer for the bass notes, a good woofer can really make a song stand out especially if you listen to reggae or dance music. There is also a super tweeter that allows your Mini HiFi System to play the ultra-high notes. There is also a D-bass button on the remote control which adds an extra bump to the bass levels on the HiFi.

Sound Quality

The Panasonic Mini HiFi SC-PMX802 has something that was designed by Technics, another well-known audio company, called the JENO Engine. I am not going to pretend to be an expert in the field of audio because I am not but doing my research, I understand it stands for “Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation” which basically means it gives the Mini HiFi System an outstanding quality to sound as it is played through the speakers. Adding depth and high resolution to the music you are playing.

Hi-Res Audio

You may be asking what Hi-Res Audio is, you already probably guessed what it is. HI-Res Audio is about the quality of the sound coming out of your Mini HiFi System. It is like listening to music in 4K or Ultra High definition. If you were to listen to streaming music on your HiFi then listen to the same song on a CD you will notice there is a big difference.

The resolution from the CD is much better. With Hi-Res Audio you can stream music from apps like Apple Music or Deezer and you will get a CD-quality from your Mini HiFi System. If you are thinking of subscribing to a streaming service ensure that they do stream music at Hi-Res.

DAB Reception

DAB radio was intended to replace FM radio, which was introduced in 1995 but hasn’t really taken off in the United Kingdom. Many new cars have DAB radios in them but not many people have them in their homes. The main problem with DAB radio is the reception, often hit and miss, you may need to connect to an outdoor or external aerial to get the best reception.

Bingfu DAB/FM Aerial from Amazon
Bingfu DAB/FM Aerial

The Mini HiFi came with the usual pink ribbon style aerial that looks ugly and you would not want to place it on your wall. Again I did some research on a replacement aerial, I wanted an aerial that could be placed behind the HiFi Speakers and wouldn’t be obvious when I look at the HiFi. I purchased the Bingfu DAB/FM Arial from Amazon. I have to be honest the brand name did put me off but for £10.98 thinking it was a foreign knock off but I was surprised as it surpassed my expectations.

DAB Signal
Full Signal with Bingfu DAB/FM Aerial

Final Thoughts and Review

I am more than happy with the Panasonic Mini HiFi System SC-PMX802 which came out around March 2021. The sound is perfect, and I can increase or decrease the sound of the bass using the D-Bass button.

The sound quality is perfect for me too there is a nice deep quality to the bass, and it doesn’t drown out the higher notes. Voices are clear and crisp and fill the living room without distortion.

Ok, there is no Internet Radio, but it is possible to stream podcasts and Internet Radio from Phones, Tablets and Laptops. The DAB+ radio is nice and crisp and depending on your location there is a number of DAB radio channel to listen to. I currently can get 87 Stations, but I wouldn’t want to listen to them all.

The CD player is smooth and quiet when loading a CD. It plays standard CD’s as well as writeable and rewritable CDs including writable CDs with MP3 tracks on them.

Streaming music from a Mobile Phone, a Tablet or Laptop is easy too. You need to be able to connect to the Mini Hifi System by Bluetooth. For those who are interested, it is Bluetooth Ver 4.2.

I have tried different streaming services on there and out of Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer I have to say that both Apple Music and Deezer comes out top with their CD-quality sound. I found that the quality of Spotify was a lot less, it sounded very flat and lacked the quality of Apple Music and Deezer.

One thing I should mention, you can update the firmware over a wireless network very easily. When I first started the Mini HiFi the first thing I did was update the firmware so that I had the most up to date software on there.

Would I buy this Mini HiFi System again? That is a big YES. It is perfect for what I want and I enjoy listening to CD’s, DAB and streaming music. If you get the chance go into your local electrical store or HiFi store and give it a listen.

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