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Prelude to 2019


It is the 29th of December 2018 the prelude to 2019. As I begin to write this post and I am beginning to wonder what 2019 is going to bring.

As I write this I am not sure who the Artist is that will paint 2019, It could be you, it could be society, politicians, environment or circumstances.

The BCC wrote an article in 2018 about where we will be with Brexit in 2019

The Big Event of 2019

The possible big event of 2019 is Brexit. I know many international readers will think “what does it matter?” and some British people may be thinking “what a bore” or “I am fed up with Brexit”.

Brexit, if it happens, will it be one of the biggest changes that has taken place in the UK since the fifth of June 1975, when we first entered the EU. back in 2016 as everyone should know a vote was taken asking if we should leave or remain within the EU. the vote was not an overwhelming vote for leaving. The voting numbers were 51.9% to leave and 48.1% to remain. there was a 72% turnout of the voting population. that left 28% of the people who didn’t vote.

Driving Force behind Brexit

From what I recall the driving force behind Brexit appeared on the surface to be very simple. One to take control of our borders vand stop people from the Eu migrating to the UK and two to take control of our laws. It seemed at the time so simple. Also we were told that the money we would save from paying into the EU would allow us to spend more money on the NHS.

The reality of Brexit

The reality of Brexit seems to be that there will be no extra for the NHS. We found this out the day after the vote happened. We will not be able to stop immigration as we thought. We may have some border controls if we can get either the EU to agree to a good deal for the UK or if we leave without a deal.

Now we hear that there are going to be so much more problems with border control for importation and the exportation of good to and from the UK. Motorways are being prepared to become huge lorry and car parks if there is a no deal for Brexit. There are concerns around medication with in the UK and it has been said that medicine stockpiling is already taking place top get ready for a no deal Brexit. The Police say that there may be problems with the EU sharing criminal data with the British Police Force which risks the safety and security of the UK.

My personal feelings on Brexit

My personal feelings on Brexit is that I am not looking forward to leaving the EU. I believe it will weaken this country in every way. I am hoping for a new referendum in 2019. I say am hoping but i don’t think it will happen. the best I can expect is to leave with a deal of some kind.

New Member of the Royal Family

Another member of the Royal family will be brought into the world in 2019. Prince Harry and Megan Windsor (Why do people still call her Markle?) who got married in 2018 is expecting a child in Spring 2019. I don’t have details of exact dates, I am not remotely close to the royal couple.

Possibility of a change of Government

019 may see the possibility of of change of Government in the UK. It is no secret that Teresa May the Prime Minister of the UK has been in a battle with the EU, her own party, the Irish DUP party and Labour. She has had challenge of her leadership in 2018 it is only a matter of time before there will be a challenge of her leadership again or a vote of no confidence in the current government that could see a general election in 2019. We could end up with a Labour Government lead by Jeremy Corbyn.

World politics

In late 2018 Donald Trump and the Republican Party (GOP, Good Old Party) took control of control of the Senate but lost control of the House of Representative. This could cause problems for Donald Trump and his many plans. It could mark the end of the border wall, slatted fence or whatever he chooses to call it now. Donald Trump could also face impeachment if the Democratic Party has it’s way. Even the USA could end up with Mike Pence as the new President until 2020.

A new blank slate

As began this blog by saying started the new year is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. My wish for all my family, friends, my partner and my readers that your painting palette will be filled with exciting, bright and vibrant colours in 2019. I look forward to sharing more with you in the New Year and likewise I look forward to hearing your news, views and comments on my future blogs

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