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My experience after attending Slimming World for 3 Weeks

My experience after attending Slimming World for 3 Weeks

Ok so I have recently joined Slimming World I have been going for three weeks now and I have lost a total of three-pound. not a great deal I hear you saying but hey I haven’t put three pounds on.

My experience after attending Slimming World for 3 Weeks
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Reason for a diet

I have tried a number of diets recently and some of you may be wondering why (others might not)! Basically, I am unhappy with my shape and my health. When I walk past a shop window or what I see doesn’t fit with the image I have in my head of myself.

In my head, I am younger, slimmer and healthier but then the real world hits me between the eyes and says “Wake up!” and so it is now time for me to wake up.  None of us is getting younger (unless your surname is Button then you might be) in the last couple of years I have been diagnosed with type two diabetes and put on medication.

At my heaviest I was 17 stone and to make matters worse I have arthritis in my right knee. I think if I can take control of my weight then I can come off medication, take the stress off my knee, enjoy better health and even accept my image in the shop window.

My hope is that i can make a success of going to Slimming World and achieve my goals

Diets I have tried

I have tried the New Atkins diet and I would recommend that to people if they don’t mind limiting their carbs. in the past, I have lost a couple of stones but gradually after coming off it I did put weight back on so. Back in October 2015, I had a weigh-in at the doctor and I weighed in at 110 kg (This was when I was put on medication for diabetes).

I then decided to try the low GL (Glycemic Load) diet and by the time I went back for my medication review 6 months later, I was weighing 98 kg (15.4). There were lots of foods that I could not eat on the diet but I got results. Once I started to plateau on that diet I did try the Atkins diet again. This time I was quite ill on it, without going into too many details it upset my stomach though I did stick with it for a month.

The slimming world does offer a variety of foods that I like to eat such as pasta, rice and potato. One of my biggest pet hates is vegetables and this is where I struggle as Slimming World is very keen on vegetables

So Why Diet?

I can hear some people saying as they read this “all you need is a balanced diet… Smaller portions… more exerciser and you will be fine” The theory is great but the reality isn’t as always that simple. It is a fact that some people put on weight easier than others and some people find it hard to keep the weight off than others and it isn’t always too with how many pies you eat (though I do love a good steak and kidney pudding).

I have decided to make a change to my eating and even what I drink so that I can lose weight. So far I have enjoyed the slimming world diet, it has so far encouraged me to be conscious of what I am eating, look at what I shouldn’t be eating and limit what is permissible within limitations.

My personal goal

My personal goal is to get back into size 38 waist jeans or trousers. I will update you as time goes on.

Slimming World

If you are interested in attending Slimming World you can attend face-to-face meetings locally, or you can do it online and using the Slimming World App. If you are interested in reading more about Slimming World then click here.

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