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Watching Weight in a Slimming World

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Weight watching in a slimming world is something that millions of people experience everyday of their lived. I was watching the BBC News today I heard a report saying the National Obesity Forum suggest that “Eating fat could help cut obesity and type 2 diabetes.” (Quoted from BBC News website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36345768

Different diets

I think often those of us who do struggle with weight is that we are to busy or too tired to prepare and eat properly and in the end it is our health that suffers and also the ones who love or care for us suffer because they see how our health deteriorate. I am now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and on medication for it and I know it is down to lifestyle There are other reasons why people  struggle with weight and that is because of way food is now produced to make our food cheap and easy to make.

I have had some experiences with different diets over the years. I did try going to Weight Watchers and while I lostĀ some weight I was hungry most of the time. I have tried Slimming World but I found the diet really hard to follow. I got to the stage where I was putting weight on because I didn’t really know what I could eat and how much I should eat.

I am a person who in the last 20 years or so has struggled with weight. At my heaviest I was around 108 kilograms and with all my good intentions I have only been able to reach 89 kilograms. Basically it is down to lifestyle and sometimes being just to tired to cook meals from scratch.

I know that for some people that go to Weight Watchers and Slimming World do loose weight but may be it doesn’t suit everyone. I have also tried a low carb diet which worked well for me I did loose 12 kilograms in weight and is a great diet for meat eaters, probably harder for vegetarians.

I got fed up with eating chicken, ham and eggs all the time. When I reintroduced carbs back into my diet IĀ stopped loosing weight and put weight back on again.

The Low GL diet is good for both loosing weight and also lowering blood sugar that worked for me also but as soon as you take in more carbs your blood sugar goes up and weight goes back on.

I have come to realise that a diet has to be a complete lifestyle change. I am completely confused by all the dietary advice that is out there. One says lower your calorie intake, then someone days that not all calories are the same so it isn’t all about calories.

Some say low fat is the way ahead, but then others say low fat has more sugar than higher fat products. This is something I have noticed about milk. If you check the sugar level (carb) you will notice it is higher on skimmed milk to what it is on full fat. Looking on the Dairy council website you will see that in 100 ml of skimmed milk it has 4.9 grams of carbs while full fat milk has 4.7 grams, the difference might be small but if you are counting carbs it matters.

I am going to try a lifestyle change diet it will be mainly a low carb diet which will mean cutting out refined sugars, cutting down on bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. I will up date this blog with how I am doing and it might just motivate me to loose weight.

If my kids ever read this my advice to them would be watch your diet now, you have my DNA. Cut down on the pizza intake, don’t eat too much bread. Cook more from scratch and have less takeaways, microwave meals and chips from the chip shop. I would not want their health to suffer in the same way as mine.

Do you have any tips to losing weight? Have you tried any of the diets I mentioned? Did any of them work for you?

As for scores on this life experience I would have to just give it 1 out of 5 due to diabetes but I do believe with the right diet it can be controlled.

please add any comments below?

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