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At last Britain is on lock down March 23rd 2020

f you seen the news tonight you would see that Britain is on lock down at last. This has never happened in my generation and probably not in yours either. We have not become a police state but at last the government has done something I agree with and I never though I would ever say that.

Britain is on lock down at last

If you seen the news tonight 23rd March 2020 you would see that at last Britain is on lock down. This has never happened in my generation and probably not in yours either. We have not become a police state but at last the Government has done something I agree with and I never though I would ever say that. The British Government as issued a stricter set of rules to combat COVID-19.

Public Protection

I am not sure if this lock down came as a surprise to anyone but it didn’t to me. It was reported at the weekend that people were ignoring the advice of the Government about social distancing and not gathering together. Some people treated the weekend as a Bank Holiday as there were thousands or people at popular seaside places such as Skegness.

The purpose of the lock down is to protect the public, to ensure that the NHS can cope with those seriously ill from Covid-19. Protect NHS health workers and people like me and you.

Recorded by ITV News

What the lock down means to us

The lock down means that many of the things we used to do and take for granted we can no longer do for the benefit of all and not just a few.

During lock down you can no longer meet in groups of friends or public gatherings. You will be able to go out for a walk once a day on your own or with members of your family and that is all.

You can go out for essential shopping for food or to collect your medication. You will not be able to go clothes shopping or shopping for a new TV or wall paper for you living room.

You will be able to drive to work and home again but no unnecessary travel will be allowed. That will be hard for many people who have family scattered over the country and also where families are split up and children live with a different parent. This is a time when we will have to make sacrifices for the good of others and our families.

There will be closures of many other places such as libraries, parks and churches. That doesn’t mean you can’t read, or exercise or pray you still have the rights to do this but at home.

Three weeks

This isn’t a sacrifice we have to live with forever, it is just three weeks. The Government has told us that this will be reviewed in three weeks. If we do what we are supposed to do to protect people of Britain then it isn’t such a big sacrifice. If we follow the rules set out for us then I do believe that we can beat this and less people will die.

Everything carries consequences

Covid-19 Statistics 23rd March 2020

There are consequences for every action we make whether good or bad. Sometimes there are unseen consequences such as we are seeing today with Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. I am sure that many of the people that have contracted the virus would say they would not want anyone else to have it or die with it but still they make contact with friends, vulnerable members of their family.

NHS staff members are unwittingly treating patients who have been in contact with other carriers of the virus. It is time for us to wise up and take personal responsibility for own health and the health of others.

Don’t Panic

I recently wrote a blog entitled Don’t Panic in which I spoke about the people of Britain not panicking about bulk food buying, not being selfish and consider others. I still stand by what I said then and ask my readers to consider other people at this time over and above yourselves and their own self interest.

I believe Britain can beat this virus if we deteremine to work together and do what we are told and isolate ourselves. Do what we have to do and protect others. The longer Britain refuses to accept the lock down more lives will be at risk and stricter the law will become.

Take this as an opportunity

I am sure there has been things you wanted to learn. or perhaps you have always wanted to spend more time with your children at home. Take this time as an opportunity to learn something new. There are online courses you can take. learn a new skill, a new language or maybe there is that book you have always wanted to read. Don’t forget that online stores are open to so you can still order that treat that will make this time easier.

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