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Two words of 2020 self-isolate

Panic has taken hold of many people who would otherwise be very reasonable. Panic has become a worldwide phenomenon in which people are seeing the outbreak of coronavirus as major threat to life and so people want to protect themselves rather than protecting the vulnerable, frail and elderly.
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Self Isolate

Two words of 2020 must be self-isolate. in 2019 it was get “Brexit done” and in 2016 it was “Take back control”. It has been my observation that whenever something big is happening in the country it always followed by some kind of catch phrase in the case it is sel-isolate.

I do think 2020 is the time to “Take back control” and by that I mean not just as a country I also mean it is time to take self control and don’t panic. It has always been said that the worst of times bring out the best of us. This hasn’t been my observation with the outbreak of Covid-19, also know as the Coronavirus.

Don’t Panic

When England was told to self-isolate people began to panic, people who would otherwise would have been very reasonable. Panic has become a worldwide phenomenon in which people are seeing the outbreak of coronavirus as major threat to life and so people want to protect themselves rather than protecting the vulnerable, frail and elderly.

Panic buying has become a national occupation. This really is something I struggle to understand. It is hard to find some of the basics that you would normally expect to find in a supermarket such as pasta, soap and painkillers like paracetamol.

What I struggle with is how many bars of soap will someone or a family use in two weeks? how much food does someone need in the same period of time? now is the time for the country to pull together and help each other in a time when some people will be in greater need than others.

Panic does nothing but bring out the worst

I wasn’t shocked recently to hear of an Asian man beaten purely for being from an Asian background. I was saddened and sickened to hear what had happened but the sad thing I wasn’t surprised. Jonathan Mok who lives in London heard shout about Coronavirus and was then attacked by two youths it was reported.

Racism and hatred is much more vicious and cruel than anything a virus can do. We have an opportunity to be bigger people to do good rather than evil in this crisis. We just have to rise up to the challenge and think of others not just ourselves.

World Health Organisation

There is a lot of information out there about Coronavirus and a lot of misinformation too. I am pleased to see the UK government working together with other political parties, the NHS and other organisations to get information out to the people in the country. It is a shame that the information that is being given out is being drowned out by the misinformation from the bloke down the pub or on social media.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advice to public on how to deal with the current outbreak of corona virus on there website on Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus.

They have also released a video on who to protect yourself an others from contracting coronavirus.

WHO have a number of leaflets on there website on how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus and also perhaps an important document that people should read entitled “How to cope with stress during 2019-nCoV outbreak”. To get the document click here.

The big message is if you believe that you have coronavirus then use the 111 online tool to get a quick answer to the question “Do I have coronavirus?” if you live in the United Kingdom.

If you have to self-isolate

If I was in a situation where I had to self-isolate I would ensure that i did it properly. For example I would use a different bedroom to my partner. I would keep my mobile (cell) phone close to me so that I could have contact with my family, friends and work colleagues.

I would ensure that I had plenty of reading material, i am fortunate that I have a Kindle so I can download books, sometimes for free. i would have some means of listening to music and maybe watch a little Netflix or Disney Plus if you are lucky enough to get it.

I would ensure that when i use the bathroom, Kitchen or any other shared place I would let my partner know first. once finished I would ensure the bathroom is clean where I had been touching things. I would wipe down kitchen surfaces and anything I use so I could protect my partner from having contact with the anything I had touched that may have the virus on, of course assuming I had it in the first place.

Once I had come out of self-isolation i would ensure that I went out for a meal and a good night out because i would deserve it.

Come Together

It has been said many times in the past that when the British people face a crisis they come together and work together get through difficult time. Let this remain the truth and not a myth from the past. We have an opportunity to help the frail and vulnerable just by being kind and courteous.

Maybe you have a cupboard filled with a months or a year supply of antibacterial gel or wipes consider giving to someone a bottle or too who is more likely to have a more serious outcome if they were to contract the coronavirus.

This virus is not going to be the end of the world and for the vast majority of the people the world they will live.

More on the lock down

If you want read more of my thoughts on lockdown the read my blog called ‘At last Britain on lock down’ and leave a thought or comment.

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