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Knebworth Park – Urban Soul Orchestra

Back on a warm night on the 19th of August 2017 I went to Knebworth Park to see the Urban Soul Orchestra with around 2000 people spread across the Park with their bottles of wine, picnics and blankets at the ready.

Urban Soul Orchestra

The Urban Soul Orchestra comprises of Strings, brass, keyboards, percussion led by Stephen Hussey who conducts the Orchestra and also plays violin. Another member of the Orchestra who doesn’t play an instrument during the set but She does play the decks and that is Sam Hall AKA DJ Goldierocks.

The Vocalist were amazing too with Maxamillion Barns-Dave, Jina Burrows and Roo Savil (Check out Roo’s vocals on Youtube)

Set List

The Orchestra played an amazing set of Ibiza dance hits, starting off with Ibiza chilled set and then after a short break played the Ibiza dance set.

there were two set list, one for the chill out session and one for the dance set.

Chill Out session list

Les Nuits


At The River

Here With Me

Unfinished Sympathy

Cafe De Flores

So Good To Me

Chasing Cars


Barber's Adagio For Strings


Viva La Vida

One of my favourite tracks for the Chill out session