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Well! Hung Parliament

Hung Parliament

well hung parliament
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I woke up at 6.00 am on the 08/06/2017 and watched the news to find that Britain had a hung Parliament.

To my delight saw that the Conservative Party had not one the seats they had expected to get and we had a hung Parliament. For me a hung Parliament is a second best outcome to an outright win for Labour.

Maybe turned out to be a Maybe not

Throughout the election period we heard Teresa May making the whole election about herself rather than about the country and the people. The message I heard was “help me to become stronger”, “Help me to be able to go to the EU and have the strength to make the best deal we can” for me that was the biggest con ever.

I am sure that those in Brussels don’t care how many MP’s Teresa May has in the UK parliament, it doesn’t affect them at all, the only outcome for Teresa May would be that she could do what she wanted in the UK like removing the triple lock on pensions, making cuts in care, allowing the big business richer and not caring for the poorer people in the country.

A labour of love

I was also pleased to see the support that Jeremy Corbyn received from the electorate, especially from young people who historically don’t normally vote. I know it won’t happen but the right wing media should be eating humble pie after the pummeling they gave Corbyn over the last two years.

The thing that made the biggest switch to Labour was there Manifesto which was attractive to many working people, students and young people. To me it should a party that cares about the country.

There are plans for police and security, for students, industry, older people, health and education.

Final thought

This election shows me that people in Britain are not stupid, that we live in a real democratic country and that you can never predict the will of the people of the UK

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