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The Neighborhood – Wipe Out

The Neighbourhood – Wipe Out

the neighbourhood - Wipe Out

I have been a fan of The Neighbourhood for some time and I saw them back in 2014 in Sheffield with my daughter. They were supporting the 1975’s at the time but I went to see The Neighbourhood.

What can I say about  The Neighbourhood’s new album, Wipe Out. the best way I can describe it is that it is hot chocolate for the ears. The sound is smooth, warm and delicious.  Jesse Rutherford lyrics are poetry and his voice is incredible. The drums are rhythmic and constant as a heart beat and the bass is rolling and rumbling throughout the album. I have had this album now for two days and it hasn’t been off my CD player.

There are four tracks I love particularly:  Track five, The Beach, which is very poetic and smooth.  this could be called a classic Neighbourhood track.  Track six which is called Daddy Issues, this has Jessie’s vocals just under a beautiful rumbling bass line. Track eight, Greetings from California is another classic Neighbourhood song, it does remind me of a song from the album I Love You also by the Neighbourhood. Track nine, Ferrari, is  a departure for The Neighbourhood, it starts like something that could be very heavy but then breaks off into an off beat rhythm (not quite reggae) the bass at the forefront of this track playing a melody that would get anyone to swing to it.

The only thing that confused me was track one, when I first played it I thought something was wrong with the CD but then when I looked at the track listing the first track was called “A Moment of Silence” obviously it goes without saying that this track was blank so I moved on quickly to the next track.

If you have never heard anything by The Neighbourhood then give this album a listen or check them out on YouTube, there is a lot of stuff on there about them. I would also recommend that you look at the acoustic version of Sweater Weather on YouTube Let me know if you like them, love them or hate them.

[pullquote]”I want a new yellow Ferrari from the 90’s in the driveway
But I know that you wouldn’t like that
I want it now, I want it loud, I want it my way
But everybody doesn’t fight like that” Ferrari – The Neighbourhood[/pullquote]

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